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Agnes & Dora, Buffy Bandley Family

Agnes & Dora is a women’s clothing business that focuses on comfort and fashion-forward trends. We design and manufacture a variety of products to fit every shape, age, and style. The majority of our products are made in the USA.  You can purchase our clothing through any of our Independent Sales Representatives across the United States and Canada or on our website.

The founder, Buffy Bandley started this company in 2013 out of her garage. After deciding that her life lacked luster, she realized that it was time to take charge of her life and create something awesome for herself and her family. She had contributed to various family businesses and comes from a long line of entrepreneurs. Once Buffy started to flex her creativity muscle she found her niche in fashion and marketing. She discovered that there are so many women who shared this same experience of needing more passion and fun in their lives. Thus the Agnes & Dora Rep Opportunity was created! Buffy has a desire to share with other women the joy that can be experienced by being financially free and by getting outside of the box of confinements that life sometimes hands us.

The name “Agnes & Dora” is taken from a book that Buffy’s grandmother wrote in the 1960’s to empower women. The book titled “The Secret Power of Femininity” by Maurine Startup, teaches how to recognize the two sides of a woman; the fun loving, playful side (DORA) VS. the best friend, confidant side (AGNES). The goal is to bring out both sides of these traits within ourselves and apply them to achieve a balanced, happy, and fulfilling life with lasting relationships. Agnes & Dora represents the yin & yang of a woman for complete balance. This business is all about ways to build and empower women to find balance and confidence in how they look, feel, work, and how they play!